Service Providers and NFV: Gearing up or gearing down for the future of video delivery?

February 2, 2018


The path to personalization of video is evolving. It seems like every day that a major operator announces adoption of technology aimed at certain aspects of the personal experience of consuming video. It is also every day that we see NFV used in the industry news. For the service provider, NFV means Network Function Virtualization - essentially moving functions traditionally supported on racks of hardware to software that can run on basic COTS servers or in the cloud: gearing down, literally.  Operators are past the exploration phase of NFV and services such as load balancing, firewall protection and encryption have been vetted and implemented, cutting obvious CapEx and OpEx. But the beauty of NFV is that it can also provide enhanced monetization opportunities for video delivery.  And in a world where consumers are spending a fifth of their daily lives consuming video, applying pressure to offer more customized services, operators are gearing up to reap the rewards.   


At Petrichor Networks, we are adding video delivery to the collection of services offered in the NFV gearbox. We offer software solutions that turn operators into nimble video providers by unifying digital and IP networks for a personalized TV world, quickly rolling out the same video services and experiences to all subscribers and devices with guaranteed QoS.


Built on Aqueduct Core and illustrated here, Petrichor Networks offers cloud-native software for delivery of live linear TV, subscription on demand, scheduled and dynamic ad insertion. New monetization opportunities abound with individual addressable advertising, inventory expansion, virtual zoning and ad insertion into switched digital video streams. 



In just a few weeks, our team of industry experts will participate in the CableLabs Inspir[ED] NFV workshop with a presentation and demo of NFV orchestration of subscriber video services in the cloud. This setting will prove that our software is deployable in any cloud computing environment, is compatible with other next-gen initiatives and moves all media processing to cloud software that can support both new and legacy devices at lower costs.


As a service provider chooses to gear down by reducing rack space and decreasing power usage, Petrichor Networks will be there to help them gear up to build a video network that has limitless opportunities for monetization and customer satisfaction. 



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